Industry Alliance Council

Over the years, the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario (SCAGO) has worked collaboratively with various industry partners and one of the outcomes of this collaboration is that more individuals living with SCD in the province of Ontario have improved access to life-saving and disease-modifying therapies

Compared to a decade ago, we are witnessing more pharmaceuticals having an interest in sickle cell disease which is excellent for the SCD community not only in Canada but globally. The more innovative therapies for SCD in the pipelines, the more access SCD patients will have to an increasing number of disease-modifying, life-enhancing therapies.

As a leading SCD patient advocacy and support organization serving 60% of the Canadian SCD population, the SCAGO finds it imperative to work even more cohesively with the industry partners, bringing them together in a formal advisory council with patients to better engage as a part of the SCD puzzle.

The Purpose of the IACS

  • To improve Access of SCD patients to innovative and disease-modifying therapies, clinical trials, and research in Canada.
  • To better Align the values of the industry, researchers and the SCD patients
  • To support SCD Education, Advocacy, and Research in Canada