SCAGO Counselling Supports

SCAGO Counselling Supports
Your wellness is important to us. SCAGO has the capacity to offer counselling support* (virtually or by phone) on a limited basis (two to three sessions) for our clients. Services and supports are confidential and may consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Steps to increase healthy living and well-being
  • Assistance with finding and accessing services in your local community
  • Understanding and reducing the impact of health concerns on relationships, work or school, and finances

We may recommend follow-up or self-referral to community providers, your health care practitioner, or other next steps where applicable.

Please fill out the Counselling Contact Form to have a member of our team contact you for a consultation. We look forward to supporting your well-being journey.

Counselling services are for supportive purposes only and are not intended as urgent care, treatment, or intervention for mild, moderate, or severe mental illness.

SCAGO Counselling Services Request Form

Please provide us with the following information so that we may process your request appropriately.

Whom are you seeking services for: (Mark only one)(Required)
If you are requesting services for someone else, are they aware of this request? (Mark only one)(Required)
Please tell us about you (please check all that apply)(Required)
What is the age group of the person that you are seeking services for? (Check all that apply)(Required)
Please describe the kind of service(s) you are seeking(Required)

Thank you for completing this request form. The information submitted will be held confidentially by SCAGO and not shared with other individuals or outside agencies without your documented verbal or written consent. We will contact you within five business days of receipt of this form to conduct a phone or virtual consultation to discuss your needs further. Note that SCAGO counselling services are short-term, do not constitute crisis or urgent care or medical advice, and are not intended to substitute for medical treatment or care. If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please call 911 or visit your nearest Emergency Room. Please click the appropriate option below if you agree with these terms and permit us to contact you.(Required)