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Pfizer Canada’s Recommendations Regarding the Development of a National Strategy for Drugs for Rare Diseases

Pfizer Inc- June 7, 2022: While many countries have moved toward a Rare Disease framework to facilitate access to innovative medicine for patients with rare diseases, there is an opportunity for Pfizer Canada to play a role in defining a sustainable Rare Disease framework for Canada, working collaboratively with Health Canada, pharmaceutical industry partners, patient groups and clinicians. The following are the key questions related to our work in Canada.

What’s the situation?
Rare disease therapies face unique regulatory, health technology assessment (HTA), and reimbursement challenges. Many aspects of the current Canadian system are designed with other purposes and medicines in mind, and not taking into the unique nature of rare diseases and innovative medicines. Consequently, the availability of rare disease treatments is often delayed and inconsistent across the country.

Canadians with rare diseases encounter a wide range of challenges in managing their health. The screening, detection, and diagnosis of many rare conditions may not always be timely.

Canada continues to face inherent challenges to rare disease research. Concerted work to nurture and sustain recognized expertise, including centers of clinical excellence for rare diseases, is a key component of managing these issues.

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BlueBirdBio announces the launch of its aimed to highlight the impact of Sickle Cell Disease on patients, their families, and the societal ecosystem through the amplification of the voices and stories of those living with Sickle Cell Disease and those caring for them.

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