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SCAGO is pleased to continue collaboration with Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) whose vision is to make Ontario a preferred location for global clinical trials while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

SCAGO and similar organizations joined CTO to develop the clinical trial fact sheet.

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INTEGRATE-Pain Consortium study

Why is INTEGRATE-Pain developing overarching core outcome sets (COS)?
INTEGRATE-Pain was established by the NIH HEAL Initiative and IMI-PainCare because of the need to explore and develop innovations in pain management to reduce suffering for pain patients who are not adequately being treated with current therapies.

It has been recognized that a lot of pain research does not measure the same outcomes, so it is hard to compare studies. There have been recent attempts to harmonize outcome assessment by developing Core Outcome Sets (COS). A COS should represent the pain domains that are relevant to all stakeholders, including (and perhaps most importantly) patients. Having patient representatives involved in the consensus on a COS will ensure the core outcomes measured in pain research better reflects patients’ needs. Within the pain field this approach is of utmost need, as pain is a personal experience with multi-faceted symptoms and signs.

COS are beneficial because they allow researchers to conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses for specific health conditions. If all studies for a specific health condition measured the same outcomes, the results of those studies could all be compared and combined for analytical purposes. COS are also important for pain research because they could lead to more routine measurement of biopsychosocial data and lead to better understanding and treatment of pain. A biopsychosocial approach better encompasses how individuals experience pain and how different therapies affect the whole spectrum of pain-related effects and impacts on their lives.

How will INTEGRATE-Pain develop overarching core outcome sets (COS)?
INTEGRATE-Pain hosted a virtual meeting on June 14 that brought together people with pain, researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders in the field of pain. It was agreed there is a need for 4 overarching core outcome sets, one each for: chronic pain, acute pain, recurrent/breakthrough pain, and the transition from acute to chronic pain. INTEGRATE-Pain will next conduct a Delphi consensus process for each of these pain groups to create overarching core outcome sets.

It is very important that INTEGRATE-Pain has ample patient representation for the Delphi voting because they want to ensure that the core outcome sets that result from this process are relevant to patients and will be adopted and accepted by the entire pain community (pain patients, pain researchers, pain clinicians, etc).

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