There are different ways you can connect with us- whether you have SCD, or you are a family member/caregiver/care provider of someone with SCD or policymakers or a community member with interest in SCD; we will like you to stay connected with us

The Community Newsletter connects you with people living with SCD across Ontario and gives you a unique look into the work that is being done to ensure they have access to proper care. The newsletter includes:

  • Profiles of game-changers
  • Stories of patients and families being helped by SCAGO programs
  • Updates on the newest educational resources available online
  • Access to the latest SCAGO news
  • Information on upcoming SCAGO events

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SCAGO’s Whatsapp Forum is a patient-centred online network created to support the primary sickle cell disease
community globally (individuals living with SCD, their families and patient organizations). Read the guidelines for the forum here.

Support Group
The SCAGO Adult Peer Support Group is a continuous entry group (i.e., an open group). A continuous entry group may run for a specific number of months or be ongoing. Membership fluctuates as participants may join or leave the group at any time. Each session may feature a predetermined topic for discussion or sessions may be left open to address the individual needs of participants. Discussions flow easily and giving and receiving support is equally shared at each meeting; thus, gaining insights and making suggestions more spontaneous. The peer support group works as a unit.

The group is facilitated by volunteer co-facilitators. All group members either have SCD or are family members/caregivers of individuals with SCD. Their attendance and participation in group meetings is voluntary and not mandatory.

Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario