In Honour Gifts Tribute gifts are the perfect way to honour or remember a loved one, while at the same time supporting the work of Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario.A gift In Honour is a great way to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other significant life event. When you make an In Honour gift, you will receive a tax receipt for your generous gift, and we will mail or email a card with your special message to the person(s) being honoured. This individual being honored will also have their name listed on our Tribute page.

In Memory Gifts
Tribute gifts are the perfect way to honour or remember a loved one, while at the same time supporting the work of Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario.

A gift In Honour is a great way to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other significant life event. When you make an In Honour gift, you will receive a tax receipt for your generous gift, and we will mail or email a card with your special message to the person(s) being honoured. This individual being honored will also have their name listed on our Tribute page

Workplace Gifts

Growing the “Seed of Giving”
Everyday you are in contact with a number of people. These are the people you work with, your associates, your family, friends, neighbors, and the members of your church, mosque or place of worship. Give them an opportunity to contribute to a cause that is closest to your heart. Asking for help sometimes is a great gift in itself. Set a goal and raise that goal, within a specified time period, and you will encourage your “Seed of Giving” to grow and extend its branches as well.

Will you be interested in creating an endowment for a loved one; we would like to hear from you directly to discuss the size, nature and goal of your vision. These endowments are living legacies to those that have been so challenged throughout their lives.

Planned Will
There are many ways to give a gift and in turn enjoy the tax benefit of your generosity. Planned giving by including (Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario) SCAGO in your will is one of the ways to consider. If you are interested in exploring the avenue towards larger donations and the benefits of the same, we would be happy to share information with you.

E-mail us at:

In Kind Giving:
Equipment, furniture, paper, computers, printing costs, graphic costs, professional services such as public relations, event production and management, web site management are all valuable and can be donated instead of regular contributions. If you have access to some of the materials we need or services we use and can support us with this kind donation, we are waiting to speak with you. Please call us with your thoughts or E-mail us at

Charitable Registration #: 83332 0872 RR 0001

Education and Outreach
This is where the mission of Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario comes to life. The donation will be used to ensure that SCAGO’S Board of Directors and the Volunteers continue in their mission of reaching and educating the At-Risk groups in the community. It will ensure us tremendous access to educational materials and enable us to visit more groups in churches, mosques, community groups, and individuals.

Remember it is only with Education that we can reduce the number of children being born with Sickle Cell Disease.

Each One, Reach Many
This program enables us to train more volunteers who are able to reach more people in the community. The program has also enabled us to distribute flyers and other educational materials to Doctor’s offices; community centers and libraries which has resulted in more community involvement and more people knowing about what their options are in other to prevent more incidence of Sickle Cell Disease.

This program enables us to provide one time anti-poverty giving of $100-$250/person to individuals in the community who is in dire financial need. This is usually given at the discretion of two or more Board Members. The Anti- Poverty program has also enabled us to connect many in the At-Risk community with those who would provide them with the information that they need in other to better their financial situation.

Sunday Afolabi Scholarship Grant
This is given to youths living with Sickle Cell Disease and who are/will be enrolled in an institution of higher learning in the given year. Currently applicants have to apply and selections are made by the Board of Directors. We are always encouraging donations and contributions to this amazing grant that has allowed more youths living with Sickle Cell Anemia Disease, a little bit more of financial freedom. Your Contribution will allow more youths to receive this grant.

Idera Emergency Grant
This grant is pioneered by Jodal Health. It is designed specifically to help parents, caregivers or patients living with Sickle Cell Disease ease a financial burden which could occur due to missing of work as a result of crisis or other related health issues. It’s a one time giving of $500/patient or parent.


Please help by being a monthly donor
SCAGO  is touching many lives affected by Sickle Cell Disease. It is actively seeking ways of reducing the incidence of the disease while finding ways of helping patients living with SCD to improve their quality of lives.
Thousands have been reached, but more work need to be done. Without you, we will not be able to do it. This is why we need you now!
Monthly Support: No amount is too little and you can cancel anytime.
We need you to become a SCAGO monthly supporter through Pre-Authorized payments. This withdrawal will be deducted by EFT Canada.
Kindly refer to the form by clicking here for more information  . We thank you in advance. 
All Naturals Cosmetics Inc- Founding Sponsor
Dr. Foluso. A. Ola Medicine Professional Corporation
Safecare Medical

In Memory Fund- Sunday afolabi scholarship grant was created in Memory of Sunday AfolabiClick here to contribute to this fund.   One time In Memory Fund of $100 was donated by the Rowe family to honor the memory of Mr. Sean Gummer who passed away in August 2011. We are grateful for your generosity. Giving in memory goes a long way to help many living with Sickle Cell Disease.
One time In Memory Fund of $500 was donated by the Pierre family to honor the memory of their mother, Ms. Joan Jean Pierre. (December 27th, 1930- March 16th, 2010).We are grateful for this level of generosity. Giving in memory goes a long way to help many living with Sickle Cell Disease.   In Memory Grant - Sholape Animashawun Nursing grant was created by the Animashawun’s family in memory of Mrs. Sholape Animashawun. It goes to a young person living with Sickle Cell Disease and pursing a career in Nursing.
In Memory Grant: Special thanks to LCBO London, Ontario for donating their July 2011 Coin Box Donation in memory of Ms. Olivia Shiwoku (1981-September 2010) We are grateful for this level of generosity. Giving in memory goes a long way to help many living with Sickle Cell Disease.   In Honor Fund- Idera Emergency Grant was created in 2008 in conjuction with Jodal Health in Honor of Idera. This fund is given yearly to two individuals living with sickle cell disease who is in dire financial need.
Raising Vital Funds for Programs and Research—– We need your help!
From time to time, SCAGO receives requests from the community stakeholders wishing to raise funds for the organization. As an organization that solely rely on donations and your fund raising initiatives; this is always a welcome gesture.

To allow us to carefully review your fundraising initiative, goal and aspiration; please send us a one page document about the fundraising event and the estimated amount of dollar figure the event expects to generate. We will also like to know the percentage of raised funds that would be presented to SCAGO and the time of presentation.

Please use the 5Ws and 1H format in detailing your goal
What (Name of event)
When (Date and time including duration of event)
Where (Location of event)
Who (Event participants and specifically, if you would need a speaker from SCAGO)
Why (Your goal for hosting the event)
How (Format of event; how you would promote it and if donation will be presented to SCAGO on the day of event)

Send your fundraising idea to: & copy:

List of Companies Who Make Matching Gifts

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3M Canada Inc.


Abbott Laboratories Canada
Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.
Accenture Inc.
ADC Telecommunications
Addison Wesley Publishers Ltd.
Adobe Systems Canada
ADP Canada
Aecon Group Inc.
Aetna Canada
Aetna Life Insurance Company of Canada
Agilent Technologies Canada
Agrevo Canada
Agrium Inc.
Air Liquide America Corp.
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Albany International Corp.
Alberta Energy Company Ltd.
Alberta Natural Gas Company Ltd.
Alberta Power Ltd.
Albright & Wilson Americas Ltd.
Alcan Inc.
Alliance Forest Products Inc.
Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine
Allied-Signal Canada Inc.
Allstate Insurance Company of Canada
Ambac Financial Group Inc.
Amdahl Canada Ltd.
American Airlines
American Express Canada Inc.
American General Corp.
American Home Products
American International Group
American Standard Inc.
American Stock Exchange
Amoco Canada
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Analog Devices Inc.
Andarko Petroleum Corp.
Anderson Exploration Ltd.
Apache Canada Ltd
Apple Canada
ARCO Foundation
Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co.
Arrow Electronics Inc.
Aspect Telecommunications
Asten Canada
Astral Media Inc.
AT&T Canada
ATCO Electric Limited
Atkinson, Guy F. Co. of California
Atlas Specialty Steels
Aurion Capital Management Inc.
Aviva Canada
Axel Johnson Inc.


B. F. Goodrich Canada Inc.
Bailey Bank/The
Ball Corporation
Ball Packaging Products Canada, Inc.
Bank of California
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Tokyo
Banker's Trust Foundation
Barclays Global Investors
Barton Gillette Company
BASF Canada Inc.
Battle Mountain Gold
Baxter Allegiance Foundation
Baybanks Inc.
Bayer Rubber Inc.
BC Hydro
BC Telecom
BCE Inc.
Beamscope Canada Inc.
Bearing Point
Beaver Lumber Company Ltd.
Beavers Dental Products Limited
Bechtel Canada
Becton Dickinson
Bell Canada
Bell Northern Research
Beloit Corp.
Benjamin Moore
Best Foods Canada (1991) Inc.
BFC Construction Corporation
BHP Minerals International Inc.
Bimcor Inc.
Biogen Inc.
Black & Decker Canada Inc.
Blake,Cassels and Graydon
Block Inc./ H&R
BM Canada Ltd.
BMO Nesbitt Burns
BMW Canada Inc.
BOC Group, The
Boehringer Ingelheim Canada
Boeing Canada Technology Ltd.
Bonar Inc.
Bonneville International
Borden Foundation Inc.
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Boreal Insurance Inc.
Boston Consulting Group Inc., The
Bowater Inc.
BP Canada Energy Company
Brakelely John Price Jones
Brenda Mines
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Inc.
British Columbia Buildings Corp.
Brookfield Properties Corporation
Brooklyn Union Gas
Brunswick Foundation
Brunswick Mining & Smelting
Budd Canada Inc.
Burlington Resources


Cabot Corporation
Cadbury Beverages Canada Inc.
Cadence Design Systems
Campbell Soup Company Ltd.
Can Occidental Petro
Canada Bread Company Limited
Canada Steamship Lines
Canadian Accident Group Ltd.
Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd.
Canadian Marconi Company
Canadian National Railway Company
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
Canadian Tire Corporation
Canadian Ultramar Ltd.
Canadian Utilities Limited
Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited
Canon Canada
CanUtilities Holdings Ltd.
Canwest Global
Cargill Limited
Carrier Canada Ltd.
Carter-Wallace Inc.
CCL Industries
Celanese Canada
Celestica International Inc.
Century Companies of America
CFG Inc.
CGC Inc.
Champion International Corp.
Champion Road Machinery Limited
Chase Manhattan Bank
CHC Helicopter Corporation
Chevron Canada
Chevron Canada Resources
Chrysler Canada Ltd.
Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
CIBA-Geigy Canada Ltd.
Ciena Canada
Circuit City Stores Inc.
Cisco Systems Canada
Clarica Life Insurance
Claridge Investments Limited
Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation
Clopay Corporatione
Coca-Cola Company
Coleman Charitable Trust Inc.
Comark INC
Combustion Engineering Canada Inc.
Comcheq Services Ltd.
Comerica Inc.
Commercial Intertech Corporation
Commonwealth Insurance
Compaq Canada Inc.
Computer Associates Canada
Comstream Canada Inc.
Congoleum Corp.
Connecticut Bank and Trust Co.
ConocoPhillips Canada Resource
Consolidated Rail Corporation
Consumer Programs Inc.
Continental Corp./The
Co-Op Atlantic
Coopers & Lybrand Foundation
Corby Distilleries
Corporate Foods Limited
Cosmair Canada Inc.
Credit Suisse First Boston Foundation
Credit Union Central of Ontario
Creo INC
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Crown Life Insurance Company
CSL Equity Investments Ltd.
CSL Group Inc.
CSX Corporation
Cuna Mutual Insurance Group
CYRO Canada Inc.
Cytec Canada Inc.


DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc.
Dekalb Genetics Corporation
Delta Hotels Ltd.
Deutsche Bank of Canada
Devon Canada Corporation
Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd.
Disus INC
DLJ Foundation
Dole Food Company Inc.
Dominion Construction
Domtar Inc.
Donner Canadian Foundation
Dow Chemical Canada Inc.
Dow Corning Canada
Dow Jones & Company Inc.
Dresser Foundation Inc.
Dresser-Rand Company
Duke Energy
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
Dundee Bancorp Inc.
DuPont Canada Inc.
Dynamic Mutual Funds


Eaton Corporation
e-Bay Canada
Ecodyne Limited
Economical Mutual Insurance Company
EIMCO Process Equipment
Electronic Arts Canada
Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
Elizabethtown Water Company
Emerson Electrical Canada
Emico Process Equipment
Empire Life Insurance Company
EnCana Corporation
Enerflex Systems
Enerplus Resources Fund
Entrust Technologies Ltd.
Equitable Companies Inc./The
Ethyl Corporation
Extendicare Inc.
ExxonMobil Canada Ltd.


Factory Mutual Insurance Company
Factual Mutual Engineering
Falconbridge Ltd.
Farm Business Consultants
Farm Credit Corporation
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Federal-Mogul Corporation
Fednav Ltd.
Fidelity Investments
Finning Ltd.
First Ontario Credit Union Limited
Fisher Scientific
Fishery Products International Ltd.
Fluor Daniel Canada Inc.
FM Global
FMC Corporation
Follett Corporation
Ford Electronics Manufacturing Corp.
Ford Motor Company of Canada
Four Seasons Hotels Inc.
FPL Group Inc.
Franklin Templeton Investment
Fraser Inc.
Freedom Forum
Fuji Bank Ltd.
Fulcrum Technologies Inc.
Funderburke & Associates
Future Shop Ltd.


G. E. Fund Matching Gift Center
Gannett Co., Inc.
Gary-Williams Company
Gaz Metropolitain & Company, Ltd Partnership
G E Betz
Gemini Group (The)
General Electric Canada
General Mills Canada
General RE Corporation
General Reinsurance Corporation
Gentra Inc.
Gilbey Canada Inc.
Gillette Canada
Gilman Paper Company
Glaxo Smith Kline
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.
Glen Falls Cement Co Inc.
Glenmede Corporation
Glentel Inc.
Globe And Mail
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Goldome Foundation
Grace Foundation Inc.
Grace W.R. and Co.
Great-West Life Assurance
Griffin Canada Inc.
Grumman Corporation
Guarantee Company of North America
Guardian Insurance Company of Canada
Gulf Canada Resources Limited


H.J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd.
Hampton & Harper Inc.
Harper Collins Publishing Inc.
Harris Trust & Savings Bank
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, The
Henry Luce Foundation, The
Hercules Canada Inc.
Hershey Canada
Hewitt Associates of Canada
Hewlett Packard (Canada) Ltd.
Higher Education Publications Inc.
HJ Heinz Company of Canada
Hoechst Canada Inc
Home Depot Canada
Homestake Mining Company of California
Honeywell Canada Ltd.
Honk Kong Bank of Canada
Hostess Frito-Lay
Houghton Mifflin Co.
HSBC Bank Canada
Huber Corp./J.M.
Hughes Aircraft Co.
Hughes Electronics
Hughes Network Systems Inc.
Humber College
Hurricane Hydrocarbons
Husky Energy
Husky Oil Ltd.
Hyal Pharmaceutical Corp.
Hyundai Auto Canada Inc.


I T P Nelson
IBM Canada Inc.
ICI Canada Inc.
IES Industries Inc.
IKON Office Solutions
Imax Corporation
IMC Global Incorporated0
IMO Industries Inc.
Imperial Metals Corp.
Imperial Oil Limited
Imperial Tobacco Canada
Inco Limited
Industrial Risk Insurers
ING Direct
Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Canada Inc.
Ingersoll-Rand Canada
International Paper
Intuit Foundations
Investors Group
ISK Biosciences Corporation
Itek Optical Systems
ITT Flygt
ITT Hartford Insurance Group Foundation
Ivanhoe Cambridge
Ivest Corporation


J. M. Huber Corporation
J. M. Smucker Co.
J.P. Morgan and Co.
James Maclaren Industries Inc.
James River Corporation
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
JDS Uniphase Canada Inc.
JK Group
John A. Hartford Foundation Inc.
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Johnson & Higgins Ltd.
Johnson and Johnson Canada
Johnson Controls Ltd
Joseph E Seagram & Sons Ltd.
Jostens Canada Ltd.
JP Morgan
JTI-Macdonald Corp


Kearney-National Inc.
Kellogg Canada Inc.
Kemper National Insurance Companies
Kerr-McGee Corporation
Ketchum Canada INC
Kidd Creek Mines
Kingsbury Corporation
Kmart Canada Limited
Kodak Canada Inc.
KPMG Canada
Kraft Canada Inc.


Labatt Breweries of Canada
Lafarge Canada
Lanier Worldwide
Lasalle National Bank
Leo Burnett Company Inc.
Levi Strauss & Company
Lindt Chocolate Canada
Loctite Corporation
Logique Discrete INC
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London Life Insurance Co.
Lotus Development Corporation
Lubrizol Canada Ltd.
Lucent Technologies Canada
Lumenera Corp
LVMH - Selective Distribution Group


M Canada Inc.
M. Arthur Gensler, Jr. and Associates
M/A/R/C Group, The
Mackenzie Financial Corporation
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
Magellan Aerospace Corporation
Management Compensation Group/Dulworth Inc.
Manitoba Telecom
Manville Corporation
Maritime Life Assurance Company
Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company Ltd.
Markel Insurance
Mark's Work Wearhouse
Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.
MasterCard International
Mattabi Mines Ltd.
Mattel Foundation
Maxus Energy Corporation
McDonald's Restaurants of Canada
McDonnell Douglas Canada Ltd.
McGraw Hill Ryerson
McKesson Canada
Medis Health and Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
Medtronic Inc.
Mercer Management Consulting
Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.
Metropolitan Life Assurance Co. of Canada
Microsoft Canada
Mid American Energy Co.
Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co.
Midwest Resources Inc.
Millipore (Canada) Ltd.
Mitel Corporation
Mitsui & Co.
Mobil Oil Canada Ltd.
Mohasco Foundation Inc.
Molson Inc.
Monsanto Canada Inc.
Moody's Corporation
Morgan Bank of Canada
Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated
Morrison-Knudsen Corporation
Motiva Enterprises LLC
Motorola Canada Limited
Mott Foundation/ Charles Stewart
MRM Steel Ltd.
MTS Systems Corporation
Murphy Oil Co. Ltd.
Mutual Group (The)
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co.


Nabisco Ltd.
Nacan Products Limited
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Canada National Gypsum Company
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Niagara/ Baie-Comeau Community Foundation
Nike Inc.
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North Canadian Oils
Northbridge Financial Corporation
Northrock Resources
Northwater Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Northwestern Utilities Ltd.
Northwood Pulp and Timber
Norton and Company Inc./W.W.
Norwest Corp.
NOVA Corporation
Nova Scotia Power Corporation
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Numac Energy Inc.
Nutrasweet Company, The
NYNEX Family of Companies


Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Odyssey America Reinsurance
Olin Corporation
Ondeo Nalco
Ontario Innovation Trust
Oracle Corporation
Orix USA Corporation
Otis Canada Inc.
Owens Corning Canada Inc.


Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
PCL Construction Group
Pearson Education
Pechiney World Trade (USA) Inc.
Penn West Petroleum Ltd.
Pepsico Inc.
Perkin Elmer Corporation
Peterson and Company Consulting
Petrolite Corporation
Pfizer Canada
Pharmacia and Upjohn Canada
Philip Morris Companies Inc.
Phillips, Hager & North
Pillsbury Canada Ltd.
Pioneer Group Inc.
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd.
Pitney Bowes Canada
Plymouth Rock Assurance Group
Polaroid Canada Inc.
Pope & Talbot Inc.
Potash Corporation
PPG Canada Inc.
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Price and Pierce International Inc.
Primex Forest Products Ltd.
Principal Financial Group
Procor Limited
Procter and Gamble Canada
Protection Mutual Insurance Co.
Provident Life & Accident Insurance Co.
Prudential Foundation
Prudential Steel Ltd.


Qit-Fer et Titane Inc.
Quaker Chemical Corporation
Quaker Oats Company


R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
Ralston Purina Canada Inc.
Random House of Canada
Ranger Oil Ltd.
Raytheon Canada Inc.
Reader's Digest Assc (Canada) Ltd.
Reckitt & Colman Canada Inc.
Redpath Industries Limited
Renaissance Energy Ltd.
Republic National Bank of New York
Research-Cottrell Inc.
Reuters Canada Division
Reynolds Aluminum Company of Canada
Richardson-Vicks Inc.
Rigel Energy Corporation
Rigel Oil & Gas Ltd.
Rio Algom
Robin Hood Multifoods Inc.
Rockefeller Group Inc./The
Rockwell Collins Corporation
Rohm and Haas Canada Inc.
Rolls-Royce Canada Ltd.
Rospatch Corporation
Rothmans Benson & Hedges Inc.
Royal and Sun Alliance Canada
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Insurance Co.
Rubbermaid Canada Inc.
Ryder System Inc.


S. C. Johnson & Son Inc.
Safeco Insurance Companies
Saint-Gobain Corporation
Sallie Mae
SAS Institute Canada
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Saskferco Products
SBC Warburg Inc.
Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited
Schering Canada Inc.
Schering-Plough Foundation Inc.
Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia)
Scott Paper Limited
Seagram & Sons
Sears Canada Inc.
Shaklee Canada Inc.
Shaw Communications
Shell Canada Limited
Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc.
Signet Banking Corporation
SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare
Sony of Canada Ltd.
Southern California Gas Company
Southland Canada Inc.
Southwestern Bell Corporation
Spaenaur Inc.
Spar Aerospace Limited
SPX Corporation
St. Paul Companies Inc.
Standard Insurance Company
Standard Oil Company
Stanley Works Foundation
Starbucks Coffee Company
State Farm Group
State Street Boston Corp.
State Street Trust Company Canada
Steele Heddle Manufacturing Co.
Stelco Inc.
Stentor Resource Centre Inc.
StorageTek Canada Inc.
Sullivan & Cromwell
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canadal
Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc.
Suncor Energy
Surrey Metro Savings Credit Union
Syntex Inc.


T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.
Talisman Energy Inc.
Technimetrics Inc.
Teck Corporation
Teledyne Inc.
Teleflex Foundation
TELUS Corporation
Tembec Inc.
Tennant Company
Tera Environmental Consultants
Textron Canada Ltd.
The Body Shop
The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
The Empire Life Insurance Company
The Enerplus Group
The Goldfarb Corp.
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
The Jean Coutu Group Inc.
The Maritime Life Assurance Company
The Molson Companies Limited
The Mutual Group
The Prudential Insurance Co. of America
The Quaker Oats Company of Canada Limited
The Reader's Digest Association (Can) Ltd.
The Seagram Company Ltd.
The Standard Life Assurance Company
Thomas H. Lee Co.
Thomson Nelson Learning
Tolko Industries Ltd.
Toronto Star
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Torstar Corporation
Total Petroleum Inc.
Towers Perrin
Transamerica Life Insurance Company of Canada
Transcanada Pipelines Ltd.
Transtar Inc.
Travelers Insurance Co.
Treadway Companies Inc.
Tredegar Industries Inc.
Tremco Ltd.
Trimark Financial Corporation Inc.
Trinova Corporation
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Trojan Technologies Inc.
Trust Company Bank
Turner Corporation


UBS Bank
UGI Corporation
Ultramar Canada Inc.
Unilever Canada Limited
Union Bank of Switzerland
Union Camp Corporation
Union Pacific Corporation
United States Fidelity & Guaranty Corp.
Unitrin Inc.
Unocal Corporation
Unum Foundation
UnumProvident Corporation
Upjohn Company of Canada
UPS Foundation
US West Inc
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USG Corporation
USL Capital
USLife Corporation
USX Corporation


Valley Bancorporation
Valmet Automation Inc.
Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.
Vancouver International Airport
Varian Canada Inc.
Victaulic Company of America


W. R. Grace & Co. of Canada Ltd.
W. W. Norton & Co. Inc.
Wallace & Wallace Ltd.
Wal-Mart Canada Inc.
Warner-Lambert Canada Inc.
Wascana Energy Inc.
Washington National Insurance Co.
Washington Post Co.
Watkins-Johnson Company
Wausau Insurance Companies
Weldwood of Canada Limited
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Wescast Industries Inc.
West Chemical Products
West Penetone Inc.
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Western Star Trucks Inc.
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Whirlpool Foundation
White & Case
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Whitman Corporation
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Wiremold Company
WMX Technologies Inc.
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Inc.


Xerox Canada Inc.
Zeneca Argo
Ziff Brothers Investments
Zurich Canada